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Get our entire catalog of bricklaying videos for one low price.

Learning The Art Of Laying Brick.

This three part series uses a step-by-step procedure to show how to develop the basic skills needed by a mason.

Part 1: Discusses the tools and materials needed in setting up an inexpensive work area. The program also shows how to mix a lime mortar which can be used over and over. (25min.)

Part 2: Demonstrates the proper use of the trowel, spreading mortar and laying brick to the line. It involves actually building a 5' x 4' brick wall. (35min.)

Part 3: Continues with proper technique, demonstrating concrete block laying, and involves building a combination brick and block wall. This comprehensive series provides instruction for learning the basic skills needed to begin a career as a highly-skilled and well compensated craftsman. (45min.)

Interior and Exterior Design in Brick and Stone.

Exterior Design With Brick And Stone: This video shows hundreds of ways brick and stone have been used in creating beautiful arched entries, dynamic columns and beams, windows and doors framed with unique masonry patterns, mailboxes, beautiful fences and planter, and dozens of ways to incorporate brick and stone in landscaping. (30min.)

Interior Design With Brick and Stone: This video shows fireplace designs, lobbies and entryways, floors and stairways, stoves and inserts, arched and curved walls with built in stereo and television, kitchens with bricked in appliances, and sculptured brick designs that actually tell a story. (35min.)

Tricks Of The Trade.

This multi-part series provides instruction covering some of the more complicated techniques that the professional mason uses every day.

1: Mortar mixing and its uses. (14min.)

2: Building Columns and Soldier Courses. (16min.)

3: Corner Poles and Masonry Tape. (13min.)

4: Anchoring and Washing Brick. (10min.)

5: Reinforcing Masonry Walls. (11min.)

6: Brick Wainscot. (30min.)